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Dr. Jorge Treviño
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Pediatric and Adult

Our world is as fascinating as complex; we interact with it in many ways and our body denotes it wisely. Sometimes it is expressed as a reaction of the body which we call allergies. Knowing to which substances our body is vulnerable makes us strong and optimizes our own lives.

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Pediatric and Adult

With over 20 years of practice, hundreds of satisfied patients and professional involvement abroad ENT Jorge Treviño stands today as one of the most important doctors in their specialty, due to his contributions in research and prevention. Furthermore, Monterrey is recognized on the national scene as an avant-garde city in medical quality.

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The face is probably the most representative part of our body, it differentiates us and identifies us through its features, but for various reasons, it may not give satisfaction or full functionality to someone. That is why the clinic added safe cosmetic surgery that ensure functional and aesthetic results.

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  • Due to the fact that I am a man I did not wanted it to look feminine, well, the surgery that the Doctor performed had as a result exactly what I wanted. – José Trujillo

    José Trujillo
  • Everyone noticed at the office and at home! - Yolanda Reyes

    Yolanda Reyes
  • Doctor, I did not imagine that all this change in my nose could be achieved in such a simple way as you did in the procedure! –Gerardo Rdz

    Gerardo Rdz
  • Doctor, how quickly I recovered and without pain or bruises. I appreciate it! –Adriana Gonzalez

    Adriana Gonzalez
  • I always wanted to have surgery so that I could comb my hair up; now I can comb it, the results post-surgery with Dr. Treviño made it possible. –Alejandra Vazquez.

    Alejandra Vázquez
  • I felt surprisingly well during the surgery, which was under local anesthesia, it did not hurt at all and resulted in great result. Dr. Treviño always explained what he was doing and put background music I liked, of course I recommend this practice. –Arturo Andrade

    Arturo Andrade
  • My son’s surgery was performed under local anesthesia and sedation, now he can go to school without being bullied by peers. - Christian Borda.

    Christian Borda
  • My parents could not afford the cost of surgery as a child, but as a working adult I had the financial means to get it; I am very happy and often I have been congratulated at work. –Martha Flores.

    Martha Flores
  • Excellent turbinoplasty surgery, everything is ok! Excellent Doctor, I recommend it 100%

    Perla Treviño

Information regarding:

Conditions, surgery and Tips

Rhinoplasty and Nose Surgery

The objective of this procedure is to ensure excellent respiratory function and achieve a natural aesthetic appearance. If you wish to have these same results contact us to evaluate your case. Our clinical practice is supported by the National Board of Otolaryngology.

Respiratory allergies

We call otolaryngologist- allergist to a specialist in respiratory conditions. We practice the necessary studies, and facilitate various treatments for the most expeditious solution to your ailment.

Nose Ailments

We treat every condition: chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, deviated septum, snoring, loss of smell, nosebleeds, among others.

Throat diseases

We are experts in treating tonsils infection, sore throat surgery, dysphonia or voice loss, bad breath, ulcers, cold sores, among others.

Ear ailments

We treat clogged ears, swimmer’s ear (external otitis), tinnitus, ruptured eardrum, as well as the latest technology in hearing aids, etc.

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